Glamour Photography at its Finest
Glamour Photography at its Finest


Karl Yamashita is an Internationally published glamour photographer. Born in Los Angeles California. Karl’s interest in photography started in 2006 when he took his son Brandon to John Robert Powers in Costa Mesa California. He spent $750 for his son’s headshots which was more than he wanted to spend. Knowing it couldn’t be that hard to use a camera, Karl purchased a camera and started to take pictures after work and on weekends.

Karl started taking pictures of flowers, dogs, wildlife and odd everyday objects. One day Karl went to an organized model and photographer group shoot. He wanted to learn how to take photos of models using different lighting techniques. That is when Karl fell in love with shooting beautiful models and his passion for photography began.

Since then Karl has moved on to commercial photography and other types of shoots like sports and fitness. Karl has been taking on clients from word of mouth. When video recording was possible on DSLR’s on a reasonable budget, Karl started to make his dream come true and start to produce videos from weddings to fitness type videos.


“Karl is amazing. His creativity is limitless and posing for such a nice and talented photographer is priceless.not only i recommand him but i will shoot with him again whenever he wants to…” Josslyn keow

“It was really nice to work with Karl. He is really professionalism.I felt really comfortable, His work is just super awesome I love the pics!” Domibee

“thank you so much for being such a great guy to me karl !! You treated me so well along with being so good behind the camera, your just a nice guy! thank you so much” ALEX-RENEE